How it all began...

Reading to your child

About seven years ago I used to read picture books to my baby boy every evening. He especially loved the books that rhymed, as did I and we went through each book at least twenty times in one go. I knew all the words by heart and I could see that he knew them too. I could see his eyes wait in quiet anticipation, for all the parts that he loved the most - parts where my voice rose in excitement and parts where I pointed at objects on the pages. He knew all the sounds, the pauses and the tones and he loved to show me pictures of words that I read. We spent countless such evenings in the Big Apple, falling in love. 

Everyday, as I walked to and from work those days, my mind used to be filled with the rhymes I had read. And suddenly one morning, instead of the words I knew by heart, new words came rushing in, words to the 'Big Apple Baby', as it was called then. Most of the text for the 'Big Apple Kid' was created during that daily commute to work, at a time when I was as far away from an artist's life as I could ever be.

I dreamed up my rhymes and wrote them down, one for each city I had lived in till then. First came New York, then London, and finally, Mumbai, the city of my birth.

Reading to your child
Drawing a childrens illustration

I kept my rhymes and my dreams safely tucked away till I could look at them again, six years later, as an artist, in Singapore. From thousands of miles away, I dreamt of the Big Apple and imagined my little boy back in it. I spent countless hours lovingly  drawing and reworking every page before adding the many layers of transparent watercolour washes.


Today, I feel like pinching myself when I hold the physical book in my hands. It's been one beautiful journey, which wouldn't have been possible without the support of my friends and family. To know more about how I made my book, please visit making the book.

I hope my book brings you and your little ones a lot of joy. And makes you fall in love a little bit more. You can get your copy of Big Apple Kid hereThe book is also available on Amazon and in a few select stores in New York City. 

With gratitude, 

Kavita Rajput

Self-published childrens picture book author and illustrator