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I am Kavita Rajput, the illustrator and author of 'Big Apple Kid' and I have a dream - to have a series of picture books showing children of all shades of skin and shape of hair, standing tall and proud like the towers of the big cities they love. I have lived in four big cities around the world so far and I have visited countless others. And I can't wait to depict them all in my books. Big Apple Kid is the first book in the series - an ode to the big city where this dream was born.

I self-published Big Apple Kid in Singapore in early 2018. As a complete stranger to the world of publishing, there was a lot that I had to learn. And there is a lot that I am still learning. The idea for making children's picture books about international cities came to me long before I became an artist - when I was a mother of a toddler, working in banking in New York City. You can read more about that in The Beginning. After several years, and in a different city, I finally began making my dream a reality. You can find details on how I self-published my first book under Making the BookAll the illustrations in Big Apple Kid were done by hand, using pencil, watercolors and ink. Read about my illustration process under Making the pictures. To see more of my watercolour paintings and read about how I moved from being a banker to an artist, visit www.kavitarajput.com


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Big Apple Kid children's picture book
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Big Apple Kid Childrens Picture book